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Hand Pipes, Weed Pipes - Glass, Silicone, Metal, Spoon Smoking Hand Pipes

If you are looking for a smoking instrumental that is portable and you can use with you on the go, a great option to choose is a hand pipe. These pieces are generally small in size (hence the name), and are great to use for travelling. Hand pipes also make it a lot easier to ration out all your herb if you’re a bit conservative.

Packing the same punch as a full sized water pipe, but with a more thinner and stealth appearance, eSmokeShop.com Online Smoke Shop has a huge wide range of hand pipes ready for your use! They all come in different sizes, materials and themes for your own customization.

4 Inch OG Chillum
$ 149.59

BG Chillum
$ 59.99

4 Inch Bubbler
$ 9.99

6.5 Inch Bubbler
$ 29.99

You must be 21+ to view or purchase from this site